WNC Aviation Career Training…… it's time to be your own Captain

Preparing for a career as an airline pilot begins here.

You have decided to become a Professional Pilot... but which training program is right for you? Let us customize a program that meets your both your total aircraft time and financial needs. If you are not sure where to begin, we can provide several options based on our decades of combined experience in aviation career training.

Glass Panel training is typically introduced during the Instrument Pilot phase but can encompass all of the single engine training if desired.  We utilize the latest simulator technology to enhance training as well as greatly reduce the overall cost of professional pilot training.  Simulator training is also utilized to prepare our students for the interview phase when applying for airline positions and developing the very best CRM skills.

Our degree program with A-B Tech can kick start your career by reducing the total number of hours you need logged in order to be eligible for hire by the airlines. Following the degree program also opens the door to traditional student loans and grants not otherwise available for flight training.  

All students that complete our Professional Pilot Program through CFI are offered a position as an instructor with WNC Aviation, LLC or one of our other pilot programs. Click here to contact one of our career training specialists.
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